Laura Groves – Waterfalls

A lovely Paul McCartney cover, taken from DEEK's ace 'Pun For Cover' album.


DEEK Recordings, the label run by Bullion, are releasing 'Pun For Cover' today, a triple-entendre album title that we can't approve of enough. Across its 10 tracks, DEEK artists take on versions of pop classics: so far, we've had versions by Bullion, Gwilym Gold, Jesse Hackett, and Nautic, but the final compilation features tracks by Tic, Blludd Relations,     
Dario Rossetti-Bonell, and Fabiana Palladino too.

It also features this cover of Waterfalls by Laura Groves. The original is by Paul McCartney – it's taken from his sublime, psychedelic electronic solo album 'McCartney II', although many young'uns reading this will be more familiar with the song from TLC's Waterfalls, which riffs on McCartney's song – and Groves doesn't alter the magic of the original too heavily for her cover.

You can hear the whole album below, and buy it on Bandcamp for a mere £3, which is blatantly a bargain.

Laura Groves will play at the 'Pun For Cover' launch at London's 'Servant's Jazz Quarters' this Saturday (30th November) – more information and tickets here.