Dua Lipa says it’s her “duty” to fight for LGBTQ rights

"It’s something I feel very connected to and will continue to fight for..."


Words by: Billy Ward

Dua Lipa has spoken out about using her platform to spread LGBTQ awareness, claiming that she sees it as her “duty” to fight for the community’s rights.

Since standing up for the fans who were forcibly removed from her Shanghai show in 2018 for waving rainbow flags , as well as headlining Sydney’s Mardi Gras back in February, the British pop star has become somewhat of a gay icon.

“It’s really hard to refer to myself as that,” Dua told attitude magazine. “But I’m trying to channel that energy…

“I’m grateful to have such an incredible community filled with so much love, so much enthusiasm, so much creativity – you know how you go, ‘sugar and spice makes everything nice?’ That’s what the gay community has.”

The 25-year-old singer mentioned her close connections to the LBGTQ community as well as her commitment to stand up for those who are a part of it: “I have a massive group of friends and [members of] my team who are part of the LGBTQ community, who have inspired me so much and taught me so much – they’re all my role models in life,

“It’s entirely a right to be able to love who you want, not just because I have friends in the LGBTQ community, but because we’re all human and we deserve it. It’s something I feel very connected to and will continue to fight for.

“To be able to use my platform to spread awareness, show support, talk about it, to make people feel seen, heard and safe, [to] communicate with charities and try to do my part as much as I can… I see that as my duty.” she added.

In the interview, Dua Lipa also voiced her support for female musicians while highlighting the misogyny that exists in the industry: “You have to work a little bit harder to be taken seriously,” she told attitude.

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