Cardi B speaks out about the double standards faced by female rappers

The Bronx rapper admitted that the pressure of being a women in the industry had started to get to her


Words by: Billy Ward

Cardi B has spoken out about the double standards faced by female rappers when compared to their male counterparts, insisting that the added pressure on women in the industry is “not fair”.

Talking to SiriusXM earlier in the week, the Bronx rapper was asked whether she felt pressure to constantly release new material in a culture which likes to label people as “irrelevant”.

“Female rappers, they are always in mad pressure,” she explained. “If you don’t have a super crazy smash, it’s like oh, you flop, flop, flop. The song could be two-times platinum and it’s still flop, flop, flop. You’re always under pressure, and I feel like it’s not fair.”

“There’s male artists who go two years without putting a fucking song out and they don’t go, ‘Oh, you’re irrelevant. It’s over for you’, me, I didn’t put out songs for nine months and it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s irrelevant. She’s over. She’s a flop. We told you that’, that type of shit started to get to me, like crush me”, she added.

Despite admitting that the double standards was affecting her, Cardi stated: “I’m not going to let that shit get to me to the point where I’m going to put out a song that I’m not really in love with”.

The rapper also responded to rumours that her label was getting tired of her before ‘WAP’ dropped, adding: “No, they never tired of me. Labels, they want you to put music out. That’s what they love. They want you to put music out all the time, all the time.”

After the commercial success of ‘WAP’, Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion celebrated by giving away $1 million to “powerful women”.

Cardi B recently posted a series of Instagram videos of her reacting to the Trump-Biden debate, and also recently did an interview with Biden, where she asked him questions about his stance on coronavirus, racial inequality, free college tuition and more.

Watch the interview clip:

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