Contact Lens – Euro To Dollar

27 minutes of luxury beats from vaporwave-y producer Contact Lens.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

For luxury beats, the only name you need to know is Contact Lens. Following a string of increasingly mesmerising albums in and around a vaporwave kind of style, the producer made waves throughout the online underground earlier this year with the glistening glassy ecstasy of 'Free Throw Banquet' (currently gone from Bandcamp, but living on in YouTube rips and a teaser). Now Contact's back with a continuous mix of plush Gold Club lounges, VAT-exempt crystalware and a whole valiseful of currency conversion credits in the form of his 'Euro To Dollar' mixtape (out to Dis magazine for the premiere). Smooth and superior, it's for the discerning jetsetter lifestyle you deserve.

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