Collaborative music-making app Endlesss brings TikTok-style spontaneity to producing

The app's trial period has been extended to two months in response to the Covid-19 outbreak


Words by: Billy Ward

Launching on the App Store on March 31, Endlesss is a new free-to-download music-making platform setting out to bring the joy of spontaneous collaborative creativity to music production in a similar way TikTok and Instagram achieved with social media.

The app provides a virtual musical hangout with a live chat room and allows users to exchange a series of “Rifffs” to create an evolving piece of collaborative music together.

Founder of Endlesss, musician and technologist Tim Exile, created the platform after missing the elements of quick-fire creativity and community surrounding music production while in long and isolated studio sessions. He set out to bring a fast-paced, live-action, game-like alternative to the complexities of producing.

Built into the software are drum machines, samplers and snyths, and every “Rifff” made can be remixed using the Kaoss pad-style FX. Users can also plug in external instruments and sync with link-enabled apps like Ableton.

The interface is designed to be easy for beginners to pick up but deep enough for more experienced producers to switch up the way they jam remotely without sacrificing quality.

The core platform is free and offers an additional collection of sound packs and FX for a £4.49 monthly subscription. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the trial period has been extended from seven days to two months.

Download Endlesss here.

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