David GotSound drafts in namesbliss for drill-leaning remix of ‘Excellence’

A banger that will be blaring out of car speakers all summer long...

21.07.22, Words by: Billy Ward

David GotSound came up with the idea for ‘Excellence’ when wanting to write a song that he could picture his little brother getting gassed to. First released earlier in the year as part of the South East Londoner’s ‘Greatness Isn’t Given’ project, the track is is all about motivating the younger generation and nudging them to strive for greatness. 

After the positive reception to the track, David decided it deserved a remix and set out to build upon the theme of youthful excellence. Swapping out the original track’s trap drums for fiery drill patterns, the rapper enlisted namesbliss – an artist known for his ability to relate to a younger generation of listeners – for a thumping verse. 

Each taking very different but complimentary approaches to laying down their lyrics, the song opens with David’s ice-cold braggadocio before namesbliss comes through with a series of flows harking back to the golden era of grime. Both offering up their signature wisdom and street smart messages, the remix lands even harder than the original, resulting in a banger that will be blaring out of car speakers all summer and beyond.

Following the release of his mixtape bonus track ‘Repeat’ back in April, David GotSound fans can expect some big singles and some even bigger live appearances as the year goes on.

Stream the ‘Excellence’ remix below or listen with your preferred player here.

David GotSound’s ‘Excellence’ (remix) is out now on Warble via DMY.

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