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Laura Lee explores a heavier take on her breathy, breezy and hypnotic dream-pop soundworld.

Recorded in Auckland at The Lab with producer Thomas Healy, Dreamers is the second single from New Zealand-born, but currently London-based vocalist and producer Laura Lee. Formerly a member of underground synth-pop band O'Lovely, Laura spent several years performing throughout Europe and her home country before stepping out solo last year. Following on from the rich synthesiser flourishes and darkly romantic refrains of Little Too Late, Dreamers sees her exploring a heavier take on her breathy, breezy and hypnotic dream-pop soundworld.

To create the Dreamers music video, Laura, fashion photographer/filmmaker Edmund Fraser and a small crew temporarily took over an abandoned FedEx building in North London, built an experimental installation inside it, and filmed the clip as a one-take shot. With footage of Laura singing and a couple kissing projected onto a large suspended Perspex cube, the camera slowly cycles around the room on a 360-degree loop. It never moves fast enough to make you dizzy, but also isn't quite slow enough for things to feel completely comfortable.

"Dreamers stems from the nostalgia of the past and leaving adventures behind to start new ones," Laura explains. "I didn't have a concept in mind for this video, but luckily I found Edmund Fraser and he pieced something together to make sure the visual and song complimented each other. He contacted me through Instagram after my friend met him at a party. We hit it off, and the whole process came together easily from there."  

Dreamers is out now (buy). Watch more videos like this on our YouTube playlist

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