XL have confirmed that the Jai Paul album is not the actual Jai Paul album

The label have released a statement saying that the artist's demos were illegally leaked, and buyers will be refunded.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

XL Recordings have made a statement addressing the Jai Paul controversy and confirming that the album circulating is not an official release.

To re-cap, over the weekend there was universal jubilation to discover that Jai, who has only released two singles since 2007 and whose debut album is the subject of much speculation and anticipation, seemed to have uploaded an album’s worth of material to Bandcamp for £7 per download. The following day he tweeted that the album was an illegal leak, and shortly afterwards it was removed from Bandcamp. He also said that there was a “statement to follow”, which has finally materialised in the form of this from XL:

“As widely reported, on Sunday 14th April, music by XL Recordings artist Jai Paul was illegally made available via a fake Bandcamp account. This music was not uploaded by Jai and it’s not his debut album – it is a collection of various unfinished recordings from Jai’s past.”

“Neither XL or Jai will take any money from the sale of this music. We have been working with Bandcamp and PayPal to resolve this situation and they have told us all purchases will be refunded within the next 7 days.”

With all the information that this leak has brought to light, it’s still not even clear if Jai is still working on a debut album for XL, or whether any of the leaked material will appear on it. Watch this space for more news.

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