Wolfgang Voigt’s Kafkatrax EPs, based on chopped recordings of Kafka, compiled

The German electronic producer compiles and releases his Kafkatrax tracks this fall on Profan.


Wolfgang Voigt , co-founder and co-owner of Kompakt, will release his ‘Kafkatrax’ collection in a compilation on the Cologne-based Profan this fall.

Similar to last year’s ‘Freiland Klaviermusik’, he takes on an avant-garde approach on ‘Kafka Trax’ – reciting Kafka’s writings, focusing on human voice, while chopping it up and layering it over a 4/4 pulse.

The 11 ‘Kafka Trax’ songs were originally released over the past fews months in a limited, hand-painted and three-part vinyl-only series.

Stream Wolfgang Voigt – Kafkatrax 2.1 below.

Wolfgang Voigt – ‘Kafka Trax’ [Profan] tracklisting:

1. Kafkatrax 1.0
2. Kafkatrax 1.1
3. Kafkatrax 1.2
4. Kafkatrax 2.0
5. Kafkatrax 2.1
6. Kafkatrax 2.2
7. Kafkatrax 2.3
8. Kafkatrax 3.0
9. Kafkatrax 3.1
10. Kafkatrax 3.3
11. Kafkatrax 3.4

Profan will release Wolfgang Voigt’s ‘Kafka Trax’ on the October 11th, 2011

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