“The music’s shit”: Wiley draws out Stormzy further on ‘Eediyat Skengman 3’

The grime godfather claps back at Stormzy's 'Still Disappointed' claims on the new dub...


Words by: Felicity Martin

Wiley has fired back after Stormzy’s ‘Still Disappointed’, dropping the third of his ‘Eediyat Skengman’ sends.

On it, Wiley uses the Rude Kid instrumental Stormzy used on ‘One Take’, clapping back at some of the claims the ‘Heavy Is The Head’ rapper made.

“Free mumsy? What’s that about?” Wiley asks on the cut, refuting Stormzy’s claims that he moved his mum to Cyprus.

Wiley also accuses the Ed Sheeran collaborator of being fake: “Got the weed in your hand / Last time I saw you blud, you weren’t blazing shit / Don’t front it’s an act.”

“Ed got you in the room with Jay Z but you came back with that bullshit after,” he says of the news that Stormzy declined a potential Jay Z verse on ‘Take Me Back To London’.

“The music’s shit we don’t play this,” Wiley adds.

Meanwhile, Wiley’s half-brother Cadell recently re-entered the grime scene after being name-checked by Stormzy, delivering the impassioned ‘World War III‘.

Listen now.

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