Wet – No Lie

Sparse, silky R&B from a new Brooklyn trio.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Brooklyn trio Wet possibly don't have the best band name given the strongly emotional tone of their music, which drips with a sorrowful sincerity reminiscent of How To Dress Well or Majical Cloudz and could be dismissed as sentimental by cynics from the opening line of their new single No Lie, which cries out "my baby, he don't want me no more". Who knows, though, in the hyper-self-aware era of 2013 this could be a pre-emptive strike. Either way, once you get over the initial LOL of the alias it makes a lot of sense as a double entendre, playing on the tearful quality of their music as well as the somewhat more grown-up connotations of R&B.

At this point we've probably spent too long dwelling on the three letters that make up this new outfit, and should turn our attention to the three people who make it up – Kelly Zutrau, Martin Sulkow and Joe Valle make silky smooth R&B with a ghostly vocal and minimal production, and we're hooked on their first offering. You can stream it in the player above. 

Neon Gold will release the 'Wet' EP on the 15th October 2013.

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