Watch the trailer for a forthcoming documentary about 100% Silk

Amazing rough-edged dance label to be the focus of a new documentary entitled Silk.


Frazzled dance label 100% Silk are to be the focus of a new documentary.

It's easy to forget just how young 100% Silk is. Established in 2011 by Amanda Brown (co-founder of punk label Not Not Fun and member of LA Vampires), the label have gone on to release well over 60 records in these two years by the likes of Ital, Octo Cota, Maria Minerva and more, all designed for maximum dancefloor impact but never buckling to conventionality.

Directed by Benjamin Shearn, the documentary – simply titled Silk – will mark their successes. The film focuses on the label's 2012 European tour, and is intercut with seven staged dance sequences (that, according to the press release, are "designed to visually articulate the personal philosophies and emotional aesthetics of the artists, while also exploring the pop-cultural iconography of the music itself."

Silk is set to premiere at the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival in November. Watch the trailer above, and for more information, visit the documentary's official website.

Silk will premiere at the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival on November 8th 2013 – check here for tickets.


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