Warpaint on their “minimal” new album

Some interesting dribbles of info about the great LA band's next album from guitarist Theresa Wayman.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The NME chatted to Warpaint’s guitarist, Theresa Wayman, about the follow-up to ‘The Fool’, which is offically exciting news.

She said “We’re all meditating on it [the second album] everyday. Somebody will make up something while we’re soundchecking and we’ll be like, ‘Don’t forget that because I really want to develop that, there’s something special there. It’s sounding quite minimal so far which is interesting because it’s the opposite of what we’ve been doing which is normally pretty complex. I think it’ll be interesting to try and simplify that and we should experiment more with some acoustic guitars. It would be fun to have different percussive instruments in there too. We have never had something as simple as a tambourine in any of our songs so I’m looking forward to that.

Recording is set to start early next year. Before then, you can grab the deluxe edition on ‘The Fool’, including their debut EP and some remixes, next month.

Rough Trade will release Warpaint’s album ‘The Fool (Deluxe Edition)’ on 19th September. Recording on their as-yet-untitled album begins early 2012

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