Warpaint – Love Is To Die

The LA band announce their second album with a headrush of a new track.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

LA band Warpaint have just made our day with the news that they're set to return in January with their self-titled second album for Rough Trade Records. Stream the first track from the new record, Love Is To Die, in the video above.

One of the crucial appeals of Warpaint's sound is the raw fluidity with which the emotion of it seeps from voice to voice and melody to melody between the four talented members, with each and every element of their sound slotting together to form something wonderfully whole. Love Is To Die is as cohesive as any of their best work, with smooth, languid composition and floating melodies stopped from become all too comfortable with the bite of a creeping bassline, the jarring key changes and the subtle sting to the wallowing, agonised vocals that cry "I'm not alive". It's the band at their finest, and we can't wait to hear more. 

'Warpaint' tracklist

1. Intro
2. Keep It Healthy
3. Love Is To Die
4. Hi
5. Biggy
6. Teese
7. Disco//Very
8. Go In
9. Feeling Alright
10. CC
11. Drive
12. Son

Rough Trade will release 'Warpaint' on the 20th January 2013. 

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