Vinyl sales break the one million mark in 2014

The revival of the wax format has only grown stronger this year - although the top 10 bestsellers are still largely made up of familiar rock acts.


Words by: Aurora Mitchell

Sales of vinyl records have been increasing for the past few years, with £3 million worth of wax disks being sold in 2009. Five years on, and the figure is into its double digits, as 2014 boasts £20 million from vinyl – which is the equivalent of over one million sales, a significant jump from 780,000 in 2013.

However, it's largely not new releases that are to thank for the uptake in figures, with David Bowie and Oasis being amongst the top 10 bestsellers. The rock-heavy list also contains Arctic Monkeys' 'AM' and Royal Blood's debut album, making for a pretty undiverse selection.

Despite the increase, record sales through vinyl still only count for 2% of overall music sales.

[via The Guardian]