Vincent Clarke and Martin Gore from Depeche Mode have made a techno album

Further details of VCMG's new album on Mute.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Vince Clarke and Martin L Gore, original members of Depeche Mode, have made a new album together as VCMG. Their new material continues in the vein of last year’s “EP1/Spock” release, a techno four-tracker with remixes from Edit Select and Sandwell District’s Regis. The album, titled “Ssss”, will feature the title tracks from “EP1/Spock” and their forthcoming “EP2/Single Blip” release as well as eight previously unreleased productions, and has been mastered by pre-eminent dub-techno producer Pole.

Vince Clarke and Martin L Gore were briefly in Depeche Mode together in the early 1980s, although Clarke soon left and formed Yazoo and then Erasure. The duo hadn’t collaborated in 30 years when Clarke emailed Gore and suggested they work together again.

‘Ssss’ is due out on Mute Records in March

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