Tom Vek – Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)

Lo-fi garage pop guy returns with a third album.


Tom Vek is releasing a new album in June, and he's put one of its songs – called Sherman (Animals In The Jungle) – online for your listening pleasure.

You all know the story of Tom Vek, right? Back in 2005, the then-24-year-old, London-based Vek released a lo-fi dance punk record called 'We Have Sound' that was full of attitude, wit, and, most importantly, hooks, which was beloved by pretty much everyone at the time and led him to cult stardom and – as was the fashion at the time – a guest spot on The O.C.

He then disappeared for six years amid rumours that he'd had an emotional breakdown and had no intention of returning to music ever again, only to, uh, return to music again. In 2011 he released his second album, 'Leisure Seizure', and since then he's been around in general, working on collaborative pop project Nothankyou and, now, releasing a new album, the first song to surface from which is called Sherman (Animals In The Jungle), which is online for your listening pleasure. We're going round in circles, aren't we?

Check the full details of his new album 'Luck' below, and if you'd like to see Tom Vek live in a 'rock concert' sort of setting, then you can buy tickets to his show at XOYO, London, over here.


01. How Am I Meant To Know
02. Sherman (Animals In The Jungle) 
03. Pushing Your Luck 
04. Trying To Do Better 
05. Broke 
06. Ton Of Bricks 
07. The Girl You Wouldnʼt Leave For Any Other Girl 
08. The Tongue Avoids The Teeth 
09. A Mistake 
10. Youʼll Stay 
11. Letʼs Pray 

Moshi Moshi release 'Luck' on June 9th 2014 (pre-order).

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