Throwing Shade – Sweet Tooth

A dreamy dessert of a track lifted off the London producer and NTS selector's forthcoming debut EP.


The last time we heard of London's Throwing Shade, she was decelerating Mariah excellently over a well-worn garage beat. Her monthly slot on NTS Radio is always a safe bet, too – it draws on her time as an ethnomusicology student, offering assured, diverse selections from across borders and centuries (her recent Christmas and Valentine's Day themed shows were particularly fun).

Following a Mystic Places 12" on Kassem Mosse's Omnira label back in October, she's stepping up her own production with her '19 Jewels' EP on No Pain In Pop. The appropriately named Sweet Tooth is the first we've from the EP, due out next month, featuring an ace, nonchalant vocal from Emily Bee. Over Throwing Shade's bejeweled sounds, Bee whispers of a "sugar face, honey lips, candy eyes." All of this dessert-related imagery does kind of make you want to reach for a tub of Vienneta after a few listens.


01. Sweet Tooth (feat. Emily Bee)
02. Once
03. Pure Life
04. Real Bad
05. ODC

No Pain In Pop will release the '19 Jewels' EP on May 19th 2014. 

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