The-Dream to release free album under own name at the end of this month


The-Dream: ultra quick recap. Atlanta gentlemen, produced Single Ladies, Umbrella and 1+1, three extraordinary solo albums and is probably the greatest R&B producer working at the moment, which puts him pretty high up in producer stakes full-stop. Anyhoo, he revealed over Twitter last night that his fourth album as The-Dream, ‘Diary Of A Madman’, has been held back until the fourth quarter by his label (and it is his label; he was vice-president for a short while) Def Jam, and as a result, he’s decided to drop a free internet album. In his own words:

LP4 is Underway I THEDREAM have decided to go forward with “Diary Of A Madman” LP it almost didnt happen. So ill be in my DefJam uniform…for atleast one More Season! Also a free 10 song Internet album will be released by Aug 31st. LP 4 because of the Contract negotiations….. does not have a date but it will be released 4th quarter but i will give a 10 song Internet LP while you guys wait!!!! LOVE YOU. The Internet LP is entitled ‘1977’ and will be released under my real name Terius Nash not The-Dream. Shooting Videos for 1977 all this week. The “TERIUS NASH EST. 1977” is very personal and to my Fans! BTW NO ONE AT DEFJAM IS HAPPY ABOUT A FREE ALBUM LOL…. they are trying to stop it!

We can’t wait.