The Best Things Bruce Springsteen Said

The Heartland rocker delivered his keynote speech at SXSW and proved he's not that out of touch.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Public Enemy – a band we can all agree on

There is no right way of doing it – there’s just doing it.

We live in a post authentic world – it’s a house of mirrors, and it’s just what you’re bringing when the lights go down. It’s the power and purpose of your music that matters.

You can call upon the powers of your imagination or create yourself anew

We will, in an age unique in American history, where the transformative self is possible. I tell my kids, we’re lucky to live in the age of reproducible technology – otherwise, they’d be riding in the back of a wagon and I’d be wearing a jester’s hat.

It’s fascinating to see what’s become of the music that I’ve loved my whole life. Pop’s become a new language, cultural force, social movement, actually, a series of new languages, cultural forces and social movements that have inspired and enlivened the second hand of the 20th century and the dawning of this one.

Danny and the Juniors sang ‘Rock and Roll is Here to Stay’. They didn’t have a clue as to how terrifyingly fucking right they were going to be.

Young musicians learn how to bring it live and then bring it night after night, after night, after night, after night. Your audience will remember you. Your ticket is your handshake.

There is no greater performance than James Brown burning ass on the Rolling Stones at the TAMI show.

Rumble, young musicians, rumble.

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