Terekke – Amaze

Music with plenty of tape hiss and other nuances the average listener will find annoying: stream the new Terekke single for L.I.E.S. inside.


Tags: Music With Plenty Of Tape Hiss And Other Nuances The Average Listerner Will Find Annoying, Total Bootleg Version From Live Concert 1979, LIES, Terekke, Brooklyn, NYC

Another week, another new L.I.E.S. release: Amaze is an ambient tape jam from Terekke (pronounced “ta-reek” according to our interview with him back in 2011) that builds into a progressively less smudgy 4×4 groove over its running time. It’s eerie, atmospheric and thoroughly excellent throughout – stream it below.

L.I.E.S. released Amaze on June 1st.

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