SwamiMillion – Lemons

Hear a new track from SwamiMillion, a new project from members of LV.


SwamiMillion is a bass-heavy hip hop project from Will Horrocks and Simon Williams, two members of the excellent Hyperdub signees LV. This week they released their new EP, ‘Sours’, through a pay-what-you-like scheme on Bandcamp. Whilst there are surface level sonic links to LV on Lemons, the sense of colour and playfulness is what sticks out most immediately, with skewed rhythms and off-the-beat bleeps and bloops (the music was played in live rather than pre-programmed) dominating proceedings.

Stream Lemons below, and check out another couple of tracks on their Soundcloud page. You can also get the tracks in any format and at any price of your choosing over on Bandcamp.

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