Swagger Security hackers threaten to take on Bieber and Gaga, make the internet even more fascinatin

SwagSec, using Lil' B as their mascot, have already defaced websites of Amy Winehouse and Lauren Pritchard.


Words by: Charlie Jones

New hacker collective SwagSec, who use Lil’ B’s image as their trademark, have had a busy few days. After launching a torrent of abuse against ‘racist crackhead devil’ Amy Winehouse on their Twitter feed, they defaced her website on Thursday night, leaving the image on the right as her home page.

Declaring hack-war on the AntiSec (Anti-Security) movement supposedly started by fellow collectives Lulzsec and Anonymous, SwagSec have also used Winehouse’s homepage to state ‘we run the internet’, warning other hackers to stay away from Universal Music, their ‘teritory [sic]’.

The group also destroyed soul singer Lauren Pritchard’s page, and now apparently have their sights set on the Bieb, tweeting things along the lines of “WE GOT DAT ANTIBIOTIKZ FO DAT BIEBER FEVER” throughout last night.

Not only have they built their entire image around the Based God, but they also seem to be using their powers to try to get his attention, asking through the medium of Winehouse’s website “If u mention us in a new trak brotha, we give u our bitchez. Promise.” Lil’ B himself does not seem to be directly involved with the movement, although it seems to have come at a convenient time for him, as his album dropped unexpectedly last week.

Personal fan information is being leaked by the group, who threaten that they have access to a “hundred thousand hundred trillion [sic]” Lady Gaga fan details, and show no sign of stopping their tirade any time soon.

Amalgam Digital released Lil’ B’s album ‘I’m Gay (I’m Happy)’ on 29th June 2011

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