S U R V I V E are the most spectacular synth band you’ve never heard


There’s a majesty to S U R V I V E that’s hard to shake. Since seeing the synth four-piece playing their towering stacks of synths live in their hometown of Austin, Texas at this year’s SXSW festival (yes, I’m still going on about that show), I’ve been hard pushed to find anything that packs as visceral a punch as these guys.

While the scale of S U R V I V E’s sound – that name isn’t in spaced all-caps for nothing – begs to be experienced in person, their new self-titled album on Italy’s Mannequin Records is a faithful document to their skyward ambitions. Born to soundtrack ambitious alien movies or fuel dusk daydreams, ‘S U R V I V E’ is a triumph and can be streamed in full below.

Mannequin Records released S U R V I V E’s self-titled album on 28th May 2012 (buy it here)