Sun Araw – Ancient Romans [album stream]

Unspeakably rad album of scorching psych about Romans from LA's Cameron Stallones listenable now.


Words by: Charlie Jones

How can one not be enamored with Sun Araw? The project of LA guitarist Cameron Stallones has released several records of frazzling, scorched, psych over the past few years, including last year’s ‘On Patrol’ put out by Not Not Fun, and a 7” on Hippos In Tanks. He’s really into ancient history, as evidenced by the name of his tour “Let’s Get Hellenistic”, and fact his new album is called ‘Ancient Romans’, and all the song titles reference that period (our favourite is Fit For Caesar). The dude has a shahi baaja player, guys!

However, all these pleasingly bonkers things wouldn’t add up to much if the music wasn’t also brilliant. ‘Ancient Romans’ takes over your mind, scorching and reeling like some ancient desert swept under a kaleidoscope, all noodly, lost-in-the-moment guitars, thick synths towering like old ruins, and all manner of brain-warping noise tricks strung out together. Thanks to Altered Zones, you can listen to the full release through soundcloud now, which is something you should definitely do before in comes out through his own Sun Ark records next week.

Sun Araw: Ancient Romans by alteredzones

Sun Ark will release Sun Araw’s album ‘Ancient Romans’ on 23rd August 2011

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