Soft As Snow – Glass Body

Stream a new song from a new electronic dream pop band, based in London but hailing from Norway, and signed to Fabric subsidiary Houndstooth.


Living in London but hailing from Norway, Soft As Snow are an electronic pop duo signed to Houndstooth, a label launched last year as a subsidiary of Fabric that has gone on to release some really decent records by the likes of Special Request, Throwing Snow, and more. We first heard about the duo when Asher Levitas (from Old Apparatus, Penny, and Saa) remixed one of their songs, and now they've got a new EP on the way called 'Glass Body'.

Besides the inclusion of that aforementioned Levitas remix, 'Glass Body' also features a song of the same name. Listening to Glass Body, there are easy (but still apt) comparisons to be made to The Knife, but it's way dreamier than anything they do (that name does appear to be an MBV reference after all) and driven by a solid garage beat.

If you're in London, then you'll also be able to catch the band headlining Birthdays on Wednesday July 2nd.

Soft As Snow 'Glass Body' tracklist:

01. Glass Body
02. Halo Heart
03. All Our Beasts
04. Black Birds
05. Drops of Armour
06. Halo Heart (Asher Levitas remix)

Houndstooth release 'Glass Body' on July 21st 2014 (pre-order).

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