Machinone – Juha

Lovely, contemplative music from Japanese artist Machinone, released on purveyors of gorgeous sounds, Flau Records.


It's easy to imagine a beautiful elsewhere when you're listening to beautiful music, to imagine an expanse of fathomless peace that extends all around you, soft and vapourous, feeling like the fuzz of familiarity that comes with unlocking a door you've unlocked thousands of times before: this, the comfort and fantasy of home, is the particular feel of multi-instrumentalist Dazo Kato aka Machinone's Juha. Its arpeggiating guitar nuanced with twinkling harmonics, its trickling water, its caress of feedback, and its ripplingly melodious glockenspiel all add up to undeniable ambience. This is calm, contemplative music, the soundtrack to a drifting daydream as equally as to an existential crisis.

It comes from Machinone's debut album 'Tokyo', a collection of gem-like tracks inspired by its namesake, released by constantly surprising, consistently stunning Japanese label, Flau. Label boss Yasuhiko Fukuzono made a Dummy Mix last year, a collection of rare and then-new material from Flau, and a definitive holiday for your ears and brain.

Flau released 'Tokyo' on August 6th 2014 (buy).

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