Kero Kero Bonito – Build It Up

London's foremost (only?) multilingual MIDI rap troupe return with a crazy new single.


Kero Kero Bonito follow their debut mixtape 'Intro Bonito' and its remix EP with a new, self-released single called Build It Up.

This one's a little more hi-fi than their other, more pared down MIDI pop songs. It's also a little more crazy than their mixtape, with about a million different things going on in its instrumental at any one time, threatening to overload but never quite getting there. It might sound mad as a box of frogs, but this is also one of the more considered pieces of songwriting that the band have done.

KKB enthusiasts can catch them playing a free headline London's Electrowerkz on December 3rd with support from Lil Data and bo en, tickets for which are available here.

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