Fyfe – For You (Deptford Goth remix)

Deptford Goth strips down Fyfe's skittering new single, turning it into a haunting little number. (Mad sax remains intact, mind.)


We last posted about Daniel Woolhouse, aka Deptford Goth, in November, when he released a remixed version of his debut LP 'Life After Defo' (well, that's a small lie – we wrote about him later that month, when 'Life After Defo' appeared in our favourite albums of 2013 recap).

Either way, we've been gifted with a reason to talk about him again today with this new remix of Fyfe's For You. The original version is built on skittering percussion, climaxing with a cheesy-but-fun saxophone solo. Woolhouse's remix slims down the beat to a half-time crawl and darkens the vibe of the original. He actually keeps that sax though, but against this backdrop it sounds like a lonesome, wandering burst of noise.

Fans can catch Fyfe playing at The Social in London next Monday (July 21st), coinciding with the release of the new single.

Believe Recordings release For You on July 21st 2014 (pre-order).

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