Björk streams Haxan Cloak, Rabit, and Untold remixes from ‘Vulnicura’

The second part of Björk's 'Vulnicura' remixes features new versions by the Haxan Cloak and Rabit, and a 'choral mix' of Lionsong featuring a beat by Untold.


Following versions by Lotic and Mica Levi, the second part of Björk's 'Vulnicura' remix series sees new mixes of songs coming from the Haxan Cloak and Rabit, as well as a new 'choral mix' of Lionsong featuring a beat by Untold.

They're being hosted on Dazed Digital alongside comments from Björk and the remixers. So you get to see Texas-based, Tri Angle-signed grime-y producer Rabit described as "some sort of texan techno teddy boy", which is quite an incredible description made all the more incredible given it's coming from Björk.

A third edition will land later this year.

Listen to them all below.