Space Dimension Controller is releasing a (wonderfully dorky) “prequel” record

The 11 track record, 'The Pathway to Tiraquon6', is apparently not an album, but the "prequel" to his next album 'Welcome To Mikrosector-5'.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Sci-fi obsessed, Northern Irish producer Space Dimension Controller is releasing an 11-track record on R&S in mid-October. Titled ‘The Pathway To Tiraquon6’, despite it’s length and number of tracks, it is described as merely a “prequel” to his next album ‘Welcome To Mikrosector-5’ due out next year.

According to the press release, ‘The Pathway To Tiraquon6’ tells the story of how “Over the past year, stranded in our time, and confined to his Electropod, Mr. 8040 has been preparing an account of the events that led to the discovery of Mikrosector-50 and the creation of the Tiraquon6 security barrier”.

01. Feature Presentation
02. 2257 AD
03. Pulsovian Invasion
04. Last Sunset On Planet Earth
05. Usurper
06. Flight of the Escape Vessels
07. Confined to Deep Space
08. Max Tiraquon
09. Floating Blind Through Blue Trails
10. Tiraquon’s Return (A New Home)
11. Closing Title

R&S will release The Pathway to Tiraquon6 on 17th October 2011

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