SoundCloud implements 15-track upload limit for free users

Uploading without limits will require creators to subscribe to the Pro Unlimited tariff...


Words by: Billy Ward

Music streaming site SoundCloud has announced changes to the platform that may affect users currently subscribed to their free service.

Outlined by the company in a message sent to users who have already uploaded content, creators will now be able to ‘upload, store and download their original lossless HD files.’

‘This feature set was previously only available to Pro Unlimited subscribers.’

However, new uploading rules are also being implemented on users who are not subscribed to their premium package.

‘To make lossless HD file management free to all, starting December 9th, our free upload limit will change from 3 hours of audio, to 3 hours or 15 tracks. This will not impact existing uploads.’

The change means users with 15 or more tracks will no longer be able to upload content, even if they fall well below the previous three-hour audio limit.

Uploading without any audio limits will require creators to subscribe to the Pro Unlimited tariff, which the company are advertising as having 30% off until December 16.

Find out more about the changes here.

Update (10/12/19): Soundcloud has now retracted its upload limit changes.

After posting the above story, there was widespread outrage and even a petition set up to protest Soundcloud’s plans.

A blog post titled ‘We heard you – upload limits are not changing on Monday’ appeared detailing the company’s u-turn.

‘We’ve decided not to roll out the change to our free upload limits and will continue to refine our balance of free and paid offerings to make the platform as creative and accessible as possible while building a sustainable business,’ it reads.

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