SOPHIE might’ve produced something on the new Madonna record

A song featuring Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Diplo, and SOPHIE exists out there, somewhere.


It's been known for a while that Diplo is working on an album with Madonna, and in a recent interview with inthemix, Diplo revealed an interesting tidbit about the album: namely, that there's a song out there featuring Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Diplo and… SOPHIE.

"You’d be surprised…me and Sophie did a bunch of stuff together," Diplo told inthemix, "We’re going to be releasing it. I did a record that was literally Sophie and Madonna and Nicki Minaj."

Unlikely as that might seem, Diplo is a big fan of SOPHIE's music, and has a (currently unheard) remix of Hey QT coming soon, while SOPHIE has always expressed a desire to take his vision of pop into the mainstream.

Of course, the song itself might never turn up – but nevertheless, this is very, very interesting.

[via inthemix]

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