Songkick adds 100,000 new members through Spotify app

Moire wins for Spotify as concerts listing website gets massive boost throughintegration with Swedish streaming service.


Words by: Charlie Jones

In interesting digital music news, Songkick, the website that allows fans to organise and follow their favorite bands and track concerts and dates, have registered a huge increase of users since launching a special Spotify version of the site.

Fans using the application receive alerts every time that one of their favourite artists in their Spotify library annouces a new show in one of the cities they have previously selected.

In less than four months, Songkick reports having over 100,000 new users thanks to the new application. Hypebot reports that the company has received millions of personalized alerts for 50,000 concerts sent from users who registered through Spotify.

As we previously remarked, the apps programme is a sign that Spotify is aiming to become the place for music, and a sign of how far ahead of their competitors such as Rhapsody, Deezer, Rdio the Swedish brand is.

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