SOHN – Lessons

A steady, swelling arpeggiation anchors SOHN's ace new song.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

A steady arpeggiation is really the crux of Lessons, the slowburning new single from SOHN. The rest of the song is all lonely piano chords, pulsing beats, a low bassline and SOHN's voice, but the arpeggiation is the anchor, swelling with each bar before exploding at the end. It's as if the rest of the song orbits around it.

SOHN was the subject of a Dummy film earlier this year, shot in the snowy climes of his home in Vienna. You can watch that here.

4AD will release Lessons on September 23rd (digital) and November 25th (vinyl). SOHN will play London Electrowerkz on November 13th.


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