SFV Acid – Misto

Stream the first track from SFV's Acid's just-announced debut album 'The Dwell'.


Words by: Anthony Walker

SFV Acid’s new track Misto is, by his standards, pretty perky – though it still definitely sounds like something the 303-wielding suburb dweller would make. It’s the first track from his upcoming album ‘The Dwell’ – and perhaps a clear signal for a project “conceptualized and recorded at a local Starbucks”, according to its press release. Either way, we’re never not glad to hear from this guy and look forward to the rest of the album (full details of which are below the stream) eagerly.


1. Dwell Master Infinite
2. Misto
3. PT Sex
4. Devonshire Dwell: New Graceland
5. Mocha
6. 2PART
7. Kludes
8. Mecca_Bucks
9. Money
10. Fresh and Easy
11. Chronicled In C:affeine Headache
12. Sha Day
13. Dwell on 2
14. T.E.M.P gun

‘The Dwell’ will be out on UNO NYC on May 28th.

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