Stream and download Saa’s ‘Walking Waters’ remix EP

Soft As Snow, Hours, Love Cult, and LTO all do different spins on the English-Norwegian dark pop duo's new EP.


Saa's 'Walking Waters' EP has been given the remix treatment from four artists. Here's a guide to each of them:

01. LTO is a member of the Old Apparatus collective. Their presence on here shouldn't be a big surprise: A. Levitas, one half of Saa (alongside Norwegian singer Linn Dirdal), is also a member of Old Apparatus.

02. Hours is a techno producer from Germany and a resident DJ at Lehmann Club Stuttgart.

03. Soft As Snow are a Houndstooth-signed electro-shoegaze duo who have history with Saa, having been remixed by A. Levitas before. We also interviewed them last year.

04. Love Cult are a Russian experimental duo who work with deconstructed forms. Their remix is probably the most out-there on here.

And there you have it! You can stream the remixes below, and download them all for free if you so choose.

Overshare Records release the 'Walking Waters' Remix EP on January 20th 2015. 

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