S-Type – Walrus ft. Budgie

Glaswegian hip hop producer drops the first track from his upcoming EP.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

There’s a Baroque element to ‘Walrus’, the brand new track from Scottish hip hop producer S-Type from his forthcoming EP ‘Billboard’, due on the the 16th October.

Beginning with a kind of frantic, muted chamber music, and building from there into a heavy, shimmering surge of clapping beats and distorted voices, the track is obsessively and intricately layered, bringing a luxurious Baroque mindset to a genre that’s full of the same spongy beats and bleepy sound effects. Fellow producer Budgie appears on the track to provide “talkbox skillzzz” (according to S-Type’s Twitter ), manifested here in distorted voices that give a pleasant, pop song-ish narrative to the whole noise.

What makes S-Type stand out among his competition on this track is his manipulation of your expectations, achieved through his attention to even the tiniest details and the quietest layers of sound. ‘Walrus’ is a meticulously made song, with something pretty exciting happening on its every level. Listen to it below via LuckyMe records.

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