Rustie to release debut album ‘Glass Swords’

Yet another exciting person is to release yet another exciting album in the second half of 2011.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Otherworldly, synth-heavy producer Rustie has confirmed that he will be releasing his debut album, Glass Swords, on the 10th October 2011.

The album, which has been in the works for two years, will be a follow-up to a string of successful EPs, culminating in last year’s dazzling Sunburst.

Watch a short, glittering video clip of the upcoming album’s title song below.


01 – Glass Swords
02 – Flash Back
03 – Surph
04 – Hover Traps
05 – City Star
06 – Globes
07 – Ultra Thizz
08 – Death Mountain
09 – Cry Flames
10 – After Light
11 – Ice Tunnels
12 – All Nite
13 – Crystal Echo

Warp will release ‘Glass Swords’ on the 10th October 2011.