Riz Ahmed tackles anti-immigrant rhetoric on ‘Mogambo’


Riz MC, aka Riz Ahmed, has just unleashed a searing banger that takes aim at the rise of right wing rhetoric in the West.

Following his mixtape ‘Englistan', and Swet Shop Boys LP ‘Cashmere’, the Redinho-produced cut finds the Rogue One and Four Lions actor repeating: “They wanna kill us all”.

A blistering anthem of power for minorities in the Trump era, the heavyweight MC sprays lyrics such as: “Why you bring a tweet to a gunfight?”, while his use of words like “cockroach” points to the presentation of immigrants in British national newspapers.

"Pick a side: do or die / Cos all we ever do is die / They either bomb us or we suicide”.

Watch the Bassam Tariq-directed video below.

You can buy or stream ‘Mogambo’ here.