Regal Degal – Delicious

Rather lovely alternative pop, from Regal Degal's new album for Terrible Records.


Regal Degal aren't necessarily that well-known, but they aren't nobodies. The band's debut album 'A Veritable Who's Who' was released via No Age's PPM label in 2012, and now they've got a follow-up coming for Terrible Records, the New York label helmed by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor. Taylor was actually on board to produce the album, called 'Not Now', between Berlin and New York – where the band have relocated to, immersing themselves in the city's alternative music communities. 

Album opener Delicious is dreamy and funky. We want to say it's a bit '80s, but we don't mean in that tired retro-revivalist sense: it's more in the way the band pride themselves on their craft (it's a serious earworm), the clean interplay of instruments, and the clarity of voice – all defining features of the intelligent pop music that emerged that decade. Check its video, directed by Emma Westenberg.

Regal Degal 'Not Now' tracklist:

01. Delicious
02. Ruining My Life
03. Wide Awake
04. Pyramid Bricks
05. Defense
06. Girl with The Teeth
07. Deal Of A Lifetime
08. Sit Like A Chair
09. Oppressive Living
10. Flavor

Terrible Records release 'Not Now' on May 18th 2015 (pre-order).

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