Ray BLK accuses Ambush of sexual assault

The singer posted a screen capture of the DMs between the pair


Words by: Felicity Martin

Ray BLK has tweeted about an incident with Ambush at a YouTube event in February where he “aggressively” grabbed her breast.

Writing that she had “something pressing to say” in the early hours of Sunday morning (June 21), BLK then followed up by requesting that Ambush “publicly address and apologise” for an incident that happened between them.

BLK then shared a video capture of her DMing Ambush about what had happened, with him responding, “My bad” and “I apologise” with an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.

After explaining that the apology “isn’t really good enough,” BLK shared a voice note from Ambush in which he claims he “saw things different” before saying “You don’t have to reinforce it on me like I’m some fucking sexual predator.” Listen to the exchange in full below.

Allegations have also been circulating on social media about Fredo, NSG and Tim Westwood.

UPDATE (23/6/20): Ambush has posted an audio statement about the incident on Instagram.

“I was confused but obviously I hurt her more than I realised,” he says in the clip, “I was inappropriate and I was invasive with my actions so for that I do apologise, but I definitely want to stress that I never grabbed her body or acted aggressively in any way.”

“At the time I thought I was just being playful … I’m the type of guy that if I saw a girl getting violated I would step in.”

“Touching her in any type of way is invasive and insensitive, regardless of how it went, so the way she felt was legit.”

“Listening back to them Voice Notes I just sound stupid, all she was trying to do was make me know the error of my ways … Us as guys, we do things without realising we’re violating and we need to become more aware of the female experience.”

Listen to it in full below.


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