Pulp’s first three albums re-released

Pulp's 80s / pre-famous albums 'It', 'Freaks' and 'Separations' see re-release.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Pulp were, of course, a band for far longer than they were famous, emerging from Sheffield’s post-punk scene in the early 80s. Their first three album were released on Fire, and the London label are repressing them in deluxe style. It’s far from the label’s first attempt to squeeze some more quids from their Pulp catalogue, and few casual Pulp fans really need to own a double disk of ‘Freaks’, but as a chance to dig through the dust to find some diamonds, such as the wonderful Blue Girls from their 1983 debut ‘It’, it’s a nice story.

Pulp – Blue Girls by FIRE RECORDS

Buy the reissues of Pulp’s ‘It’, ‘Freaks’ and ‘Separations’ from Fire

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