Psychologist – Propeller EP [stream]

London artist releases his second EP. Listen to the second, and download the song Disco At Twin Peaks.


Words by: Charlie Jones

London songwriter Psychologist is something special. He’s released two EPs on Moshi Moshi imprint Not Even, with the ‘Propeller’ EP being the latest, following the brilliant, stark confessional quality of ‘Waves Of OK’ in March. The sounds here are harsher, Out Damned Spot is carried along with industrial snap and darkly dramatic strings, his fragile voice caught up in the middle. Propeller is spooky, with a light backing vocal that hints at gospel, before things burst open, spraying electronics. There’s, as the lyrics say, “a sense of scale” in the quickening pace of 1:1, while Disco At Twin Peaks (which you can download the MP3 of here) is stark and simple, with an almost house bent. Things end with the rough sampling of Seance, and all in all it’s spell-binding. Hear ‘Propeller’ in full below, download Disco At Twin Peaks, be immersed, lost and moved by it.

Propeller EP by psychologistmusic

Not Even will release Psychologist’s ‘Propeller’ EP on 15th August 2011

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