Premiere: Trudie Dawn Smith – NOPOP (Dave Okumu of The Invisible remix)

The Invisible's Dave Okumu - the busiest guy in music - reworks the emerging London singer's new single.


Is Dave Okumu the busiest man in music? The Invisible man's name has popped up on the production and writing credits for about a billion new artists over the past couple of years – Jessie Ware, Lulu James, Rosie Lowe, Kwabs, VV Brown…

His most recent venture is a remix of new singer Trudie Dawn Smith's NOPOP that starts on a half-step before hitting a solid four-to-the-floor stride. The pairing of the artist's is an obvious one, with Smith's voice the sort that just seems to work perfectly atop Okumu's really lush, spacey synth pads.

Smith, for those curious, is a singer who works with drummer and producer Tom Skinner (also known as Hello Skinny) who cites The Slits' dubby sounds as a major inspiration on her own music, matching their loose feel with her own London soul vocal style on the original version of the single.

Strange Things Are Coming release No Pop on March 10th 2014. 

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