Premiere: Tireme – Virgin Island

If you like Drexciya, SDC and other forms of barmy concept-based dance: meet Tireme.


The press that accompanies Virgin Island is an oblique tale of two travelers leaving the “old world” for the eponymous Virgin Island. Little is known about Tireme, but they seem to be making dance music with a barmy concept at the core, which places them in the good company of Drexciya, Principles of Geometry and Space Dimension Controller. Virgin Island is a nu disco-tinged house track that doesn’t sound a million miles away from the early releases of International Feel. It lasts for a full ten minutes, though it doesn’t feel like it does, and it’s due out through Feel So Real at the end of the month. Get up to scratch below.

Feel So Real will release Virgin Island on May 27th.

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