Premiere: Kero Kero Bonito – I’d Rather Sleep (et aliae remix)

London producer of sad-eyed and dreamy electronica does a sad-eyed and dreamy remix.


Kero Kero Bonito are releasing a new EP called 'Bonito Recycling', featuring remixed versions of tracks from their debut mixtape 'Intro Bonito'. We've already heard Danny L Harle's sick rework of Sick Beat, and here's et aliae's version of mixtape closer I'd Rather Sleep.

et aliae is a producer who lives in London and makes dreamy, sad-eyed electronic sounds. We first heard about her through playing with Kero Kero Bonito at JACK댄스 and, more recently, a little party at The Bunker. In its original form, I'd Rather Sleep is a sad, yet funny and surprisingly poignant little song, but et aliae takes things up several levels, turning it into a real wistful, end-of-the-night tearjerker.

Double Denim Records release 'Bonito Recycling' on September 29th 2014.

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