Premiere: IYDES – Maalen

Gritty club music landing on London label GETME!


IYDES is a producer we've covered a couple of times on these pages before. A resident at London clubnight/radio show Tropical Waste (who we were bigging up just this morning, in fact, with their next show featuring Janus's Lotic and hi-tech noise musician Felicita), IYDES makes music for clubs. It's very modern and experimental, but while a lot of modern club producers give their productions a digital sheen and smooth, glossy surfaces, IYDES's music is very gritty.

His new EP, 'Interior', is landing shortly on GETME!, another label/collective that we love, and Maalen is one of the rusty tracks that appears on it. The track falls apart not once but twice – first at the 45 second mark, and then with a breakdown in the middle. That second breakdown is really very pretty, but then it kicks back into a rhythm/bassline combo that sounds a bit like being sick.

IYDES 'Interior' EP tracklist:

01. Maalen
02. Straff
03. Cubicle

GETME! release the 'Interior' EP on December 15th 2014 (pre-order).