Premiere: Doss – The Way I Feel (Life Sim remix)

The dreamy and ethereal musician's trancey pop anthem gets remixed by PC Music's Life Sim.


If you're not already familiar with the "dreamy and ethereal and great" music of Doss, then get to know! Doss is a North American musician and producer who makes super emotional pop with a very overt thread of trance music running through it. While for years the popular conception of trance made it something of a punchline – a dustbin genre for tanked-up, pilled-up beefcakes at Full Moon parties – today you'll find plenty of artists finding inspiration from the melodic sound: you can file Doss happily alongside recent Next subject Ana Caprix and, on this remix, Life Sim.

Life Sim is a DJ and producer with feet in both the UK and US scenes who releases on fresh 'n' exciting label PC Music, and whose excellent 'All Life' production showcase mixtape has been on rotation quite a lot around these parts. Life Sim's music seems more rooted in the club than Doss' somewhat more personal, introverted sounds, but there are definite similarities in what the two artists do both stylistically and conceptually. As such, getting the former on board to remix The Way I Feel feels like a no-brainer.

You can stream Life Sim's remix below, and hold your breath for further remixes that'll be out next Monday (June 2nd) through Doss' own website.

Acéphale release 'The Way I Feel (Remixes)' on June 2nd 2014.

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