Premiere: ‘Junior’ is about the last conversation Serious Klein had with his dad


Raised in the German city of Bochum and with Ghanaian roots, rapper Serious Klein has been making some serious waves in 2018. Spitting in English rather than his native tongue, the gifted lyricist drops another taster of his forthcoming full-length – ‘Junior’, which we’re premiering below.

The latest single from his forthcoming ‘You Should Have Known’ album, ’Junior’ was produced by long-time collaborator Rascal, who has produced for Chance The Rapper and Etta Bond. A jazz-inflected patchwork of guitars and vocal murmurs, it sees Serious Klein playing another ace.

Serious Klein says: "'Junior' is about the last conversation I had with my dad before he passed away, we hadn’t met in a long time and when we finally did, we had a man-to-man talk.

"He talked about his youth, his life back home in Ghana, times before he met my mother, him becoming something like a living legend / mogul in the community he grew up in & seeing himself in me.

"One of the best things he could have ever done for me.

"I wrote the song last year, when I went to Ghana for his funeral, in a VIP Bus on the way from Kumasi to Accra. It’s a super long ride about 4-6 hrs, depending on the traffic of course. So I spent most of the time taking pictures while looking out of the window & getting inspired by the beauty of my motherland.

"In these times of hardship, only listening to the instrumental reminded me of positivity, Ras sent it to me like a year before everything happened and for some reason it always reminded me of my dad.

"I was named after him by my Ghanaian name, so whenever I am home (Ghana) I go by the name of “Junior”."

Listen exclusively below.

‘You Should Have Known’ will be released on October 19th via Majestic Casual.